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About The Intentional Workplace

Welcome to The Intentional Workplace.

My intention is to create a place for meaningful dialogue about the world of work ~  how we work, the meaning of work, the future of work – what’s working and what is not.  

The impetus for this blog grew out of my work as a co-founder and partner of Intentional Communication Consultants In  nearly twenty years of developing and facilitating seminars, organizational consulting and coaching,  I  have been committed to supporting people to do their best work.

At the core of that work is the belief that when people are thinking, feeling and acting from their most honest and empowered inner resources – everyone benefits.

I believe that work, as we know it, is at a critical crossroads. Unless we grow our vision, re-tool our mindsets and organizational systems, deepen our emotional awareness and develop healthier work behaviors, we cannot create sustainable and fulfilling work in the future. Our work is shaped by the systems and external conditions and the mindsets we bring to the workplace. 

Working harder, working “smarter,” working 24/7 is not what I’m talking about here. I’m interested in hosting a conversation about how we can transform the way we work. For me, that begins with thought. How we think about work (and anything for that matter) is the starting place.

We can’t expect to feel better about work unless we change the way we think about work. Action, the doing part, should flow from that. Today’s work culture typically approaches this the other way around.

The topics addressed here are diverse: working honestly and effectively with emotions, living and working mindfullyhandling conflict more creatively, building and restoring trust, leading with integrity and humility, being guided by authentic values in the workplace, communicating consciously and exploring the personal and global trends that affect how we work – all begin and end with one thing – human dynamics. That is and always has been the primary focus of my work and this blog. 

Since the mid ’90’s, our partnership has worked with people at all levels from diverse organizations: business intelligence software, technology and manufacturing industries, utilities, medical, retail and hospitality, automotive, pharmaceuticals, government and nonprofits providing a range of services.

All have one common denominator – people. I keep mentioning this because often people are discussed in business as a means to an end – rather than the heart and soul of any enterprise. 

Work does not have to be – and should not be – so hard for so many people – even in challenging economic times.  It should be a fulfilling for all, regardless of the job being done. All work is honorable and every person is deserving of respect, fairness and opportunity.  I’m convinced that until those condiitons are met, we’re only dabbling at the edges of real human and organizational potential.

The Intentional Workplace has been created to give voice to the best and worst of today’s work world, whether you “labor” alone or in a large organization. If we are to develop healthy, thriving and sustainable 21st century work models, it can’t be done using 19th century mental models, which still prevail in many organizations today. Sadly, fear is the still one of the biggest drivers for success in today’s workplace.

I welcome hearing from you and thank you for stopping by.  

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Louise Altman

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